P2U – Cats Base

This pack comes with 3 bases inspired by the 3 different kinds of cat building. Each base has a lineart layer and separated locked layers for base colors, so you can easily paint it. There’s three (3) markings and long fur avaliable for the Standard and Munchkin bases – as show on the preview – and a cloth for the Sphynx. Hope you have fun!~

Buy it with…
REAL MONEY ( Paypal, Credit Cards) (5$)
DEVIANTART POINTS (450:points: )

IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH GUMROAD please send me a note with your paypal and I’ll send you an invoice and then the base by e-mail. No e-checks please. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience! (gumroad is prefered since it’s faster. but if you don’t mind waiting a bit PP is ok!)

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Basic info,

  • Basic “layer” knowlodge is necessary.
  • Works with Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Paint Tool Sai (SAI) and Sai2 (SAI2).
  • Works with MS Paint (PNG) with some limitations (check Paint Friendly info bellow)

MS.Paint friendly version,

  • Those lines wasn’t re-draw, but converted in order to be MS.Paint friendly lines. Because of this, the lines aren’t perfect, but still functional and good looking enough! Files have been reduced on size and premade markings have been lost. Please check the SAMPLE picture before purchasing for this version!
  • Please click the SAMPLE picture to see it full size, it’s the files real size.

Once you buy it,


  • Create and design characters on it for you, your friends, etc.
  • Use said designs/chars as you please, including sell them as adoptables or commissions, as long as you properly credit me for the base. (example: “base by Mr. Tiaa” or “Created with Mr. Tiaa’s Cats Base”. Credit dosn’t need to be part of the picture itself, anywhere visible including description, comment, etc is fine) ( for personal usage, credit is highly appreciated but not needed)
  • Edit, delete, move and add new stuff to the file so it better suits your needs.


  • Resell or redistribute the base file as itself.
  • Use the base to create a new base and then make profit with it.
  • Claim the base as your own.

for any questions, don’t be afraid to contact me! I’m usually busy so please give me up to one week to reply.
thanks for checking, please have fun!

-cheers, stay kawaii

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