Please call me “Tiaa“, it’s my pen name! I’m a 27YO Japanese Brazilian artist graduated in Fine Arts at “Instituto de Artes da Unesp”, major in Dog Art.

Currently I work full time as digital artist and commissions are my main income. I mostly draw furries but I like drawing anything cute and happy, I hope my drawings can cheer up those who see them!

Thank you so much for stopping by,
– cheers, stay kawaii 🐾

My Links

Don’t trust anyone who contact you pretending to be me through a way not listed here. Please let me know!


✩ deviantART: mr-tiaa
closed species/ARPG centered, general artwork

✩ furaffinitytiaamaito
furry centered, sales & commission work, general artwork

✩ art twittermr_tiaa
general artwork, updates, feat. friends

✩ toyhousetiaa
a collection of my characters

✩ patreonmr_tiaa
public/free access to files,
2 tiers for extra rewards

 gumroad: tiaa
digital content, pay-to-use (P2U) bases

 ko-fi: mrtiaa
donations/tip jar, if you are feeling generous

✩ paw-to-press: Mr.Tiaa
 teepublic: tiaa
 redbubble: mr-tiaa

✩ e-mail: mr.tiaa@outlook.com
for business, general comunication

✩ personal twitter: poochiena
casual interactions, lots of RTs, irl stuff

✩ telegram: poochiena
for business, general comunication

✩ discord: poochiena#0426
for business, general comunication, projects channels