Commissions (Worldwide)

A list of what I’m currently offering and how much it usually costs! Please notice those are base prices which means they vary according with the complexity of your idea. If you don’t know where your idea fit or want something not listed here, feel free to ask me~

🌸 BASIC (base colors) 🌸

Base colors with simple shading on eyes. Good for reference sheets.
Scene background not available.

Resolution: 1750px + on longest side.
null Feral/Animals: 33$USD
null Anthro/Humans: 38,50$USD

🌸 STANDARD (cell shading) 🌸

My most used style! Solid shading, good for “anime-ish” scenes.
Scene background available.

Resolution: 2000px or more on longest side.
null Feral/Animals: 40 $USD
null Anthro/Humans: 45 $USD

🌸 CLEAR (soft-shading) 🌸

Very detailed and texturized, good for a more refined look.
Scene background available.

Resolution: 2750px or more on longest side.
nullnullFeral/Animals/Anthro: 60 $USD +++
nullHumans: not available, sorry!

🌸 Telegram Sticker Set 🌸

Drawing done in 512 x 512px canvas, with simple cell-shading and up to two characters per sticker.

Set will be “installable” and contains a “credit” sticker on it. Buyer receive separated PNG files.
Set of 5: 80 $USD (16$ each)
Set of 10: 150 $USD (15$ each)
Set of 20: 280 $USD (14$ each)

Only sold in sets.

🌸 Mini Cheeb 🌸

Simplified drawing of your character done in cute style with thick colored lines.
Those are SMALL on size so expect something like 300px or less on longest side.
Base colors: 15 $USD per char
Cell-shading: 17,50 $USD per char

🌸 Reference Sheet 🌸

References are a “make your own” thing!

Choose how many and what kind of picture you want in your reference sheet
based on the types/prices showed above, and I’ll put everything together for you on a custom layout.
You also get separated files.
Text, Color Pallet, Simple layout: FREE
Extra outfit, accessory: +50% fullbody price
Details/Zoom in: ask!

*PS: I’ll copy and paste the text exactly as you send me.

The criterion I use to price a commission request, it may help you to estimate how much your idea will cost! If you want a precise quote, please ask. *Those don’t apply for Telegram Sticker Sets nor Mini Cheebs!*


Simple Design

Cheaper than listed price
( simple forms, no texture painting required, no markings/patterns, minimal to no accessory/cloth, etc )

Common Design

Priced as listed
( simple or intuitive markings/patterns, minimal to medium texture painting required, no extra limbs, basic to middle-complex accessories/clothes, etc )

Complex Design

More expensive than listed price
( complex markings/patterns, lots of texture, extra limbs i.e. wings, detailed accessories/clothes, etc )

50% listed price and resolution

75% listed price and resolution

100% listed price and resolution

number of characters x listed price

Simple BG

Atmospheric backgrounds without props. Have way less details than the char itself and dosn't interact nor overlap them. Good to "give the vibes" and keep all focus on char.
25% or less over total price

Medium detaild BG

Scenery background with as much details as the characters or props that may overlay or interact with the them. Good for scenes and tell stories.
25% to 75% over total price

Complex BG

Scenery background with more details than the character itself or/and with lots of props. Good to show places and the environment.
75% or more over total price

Once I’ve reach you and payment is complete, I’ll start working in your picture ASAP. With exception of “SURPRISE” commissions (explained on item 2.2. of T.O.S.) I provide two WIPs (previews) per drawing and you may request up to two edits per WIP phase, any additional edit will cost an extra of +5 $USD per edit.


The sketch of your drawing, not super clean but refined enough to show your character design and give you a general idea of the atmosphere. If there’s anything you’d like me to change, please let me know!

The lines and base colors of your drawing are all on place here and the background props shall be placed. If there’s any problem with the colors and markings, please let me know! At this point I won’t make edits on pose, expression, etc, those shall be requested on Sketch Phase.

Yay, it’s complete! I’ll send your finished picture for your paypal e-mail and mark the invoice as delivered. I’ll send it or give you an access link for it through your preferred contact way as well!

By buying a commission from me, you agree with the following terms:

    1. Payment shall be done fully upfront through Paypal invoice, in USD.
    2. Payment plans are available for orders over 200$USD.
    3. Payment is due once I reach your slot on my drawing queue and shall be done before I start working in your picture.
    4. Since no payment is required to join the queue nor before I reach you, no refunds are available.
    5. Tips are highly appreciated but totally optional.
    1. Listed price is in USD and for non-commercial drawings. If you’d like to get a picture for commercial use please contact me so we can discuss prices and details.
    2. If you choose to have a “SURPRISE” drawing you won’t receive any WIP nor may ask for changes, you’ll just get the final picture. This option gives you a discount of 10% off over your drawing’s total price.
    3. If you choose to have a “PRIVATE” drawing I’ll just send it for you over e-mail or private link. I won’t use your picture to promote myself nor share it in any of my pages, regardless still keeping rights of ownership over it. This option gives you a fee of 20% extra over your drawing’s total price. I won’t keep files of “PRIVATE” commissions for longer than one year, so please save it.
    4. You may request up to two (2) free changes per WIP. Any extra change will cost an additional of 5 $USD per edit. Please check “CREATION PROCESS” for more info.
    1. All final drawings are saved as PNG, 72 dpi in RGB color mode. Resolution varies according with drawing style as listed on ITEMS AND PRICE.
    2. Default transparent background with white variation.
    3. If you need any different specification, please let me know beforehand. Different specifications may alter the price.
    1. You are paying for digital goods, nothing will be shipped.
    2. You will receive the final drawing or an access link for it through the contact way you put on the request form. The “open file” (PSD or SAI2) will be available for public download on my Patreon page later (except for “PRIVATE” drawings) but may sent together with final drawing over request.
    3. You keep all rights over your characters and credits will always be given for you as their owner.
    4. You are allowed to use the drawing you receive how and where you want, as long as you: don’t remove my signature, don’t make profit over it, and don’t use the drawing for negative nor offensive means.
    5. You’ll do your best to reply in a timely manner, if you are having any kind of complication or won’t be available please let me so we can work it out and maybe relocate you on the queue.
    6. You trust on my artistic abilities and on my judging regarding artistic choices.
    1. I have the right to decline your request if I don’t feel comfortable with it or if you have a bad reputation as buyer. I won’t draw any kind of offensive, hateful nor pornographic theme. Understand “pornographic” as the explicit exhibition of genitals and the act of sex itself.
    2. I don’t offer edit to past commissions nor will I finish the work of other artists.
    3. I keep all rights over the drawings I make and I may use it to promote myself, including but not limited to post it and its files on portfolios, online galleries, etc. Doesn’t apply for “PRIVATE” drawings as explained on item 2.3.
    4. If permission is given on request form, I have the right to create and sell prints of the drawing made for you on online stores and local cons, keeping the extra profits for myself.
    5. I may slightly alter the colors of your character to make it better fit my style. If there’s a SCENE BACKGROUND colors may vary a lot based on lightning and other environmental interferences. I don’t accept working with pre-selected shades for non-commercial drawings.
    6. I won’t work based on descriptions, I need a visual reference of the character I’m drawing. It doesn’t need to be a refined reference, a sketch with colors will do.

If you have read everything so far and decided you want to go ahead and get a commission from me, there’s three ways to do so!

🌸 Regular Commission Season

Regular CM openings happens in seasons and means you are allowed to request any kind of art as long as it fits under my T.O.S. The amount of slots each person may get vary according with each season and so does how long they’ll last, since it depends on the amount of requests I receive, it may last even more than one year. Don’t matter how long a season last, your drawing request will fall under the T.O.S and prices active when you submited your request. You are allowed to change your mind while wainting! (but not once I have reached you)

Because those are quite rare, the openings tend to last at least 12hours and I’ll always make multiple announcements on my social networks, together with the set date and time of the opening. You may also check my news to see if there’s anything going on at the momment. If you don’t want to miss the oppening, you may sign in your e-mail bellow to join the lurking list, so I’ll notify you by e-mail:

🌸 Monthly Sales

Montlhy sales are small sales that may happens in any of my social networks – I try to alternate in betwen them – and works in a “first come, first served” basis. Those are limited to specific themes, drawing styles, etc, they may also happen in form of YCH or adopt and there’s usually few slots avaliable. As the name states, those are done in betwen my Regular CMs and are complete on the month they open! Because of this, full pictures with background and CLEAR (soft-shading) style are very unlike to happen. They may also be a bit more expensive than Regular Commissions.

It’s a good chance for those who have missed a Regular CM opening or simply wants to get a picture from me. It’s currently the only way to grab custom traditional art. 

Those who support me with 1$ or more on Patreon will be notiefied beforehand about the info regarding a Monthly Sale, by e-mail. This dosn’t allow you to pre-buy or reserve things, but it’s a good way to know what’s comming… and if you’ll want to save money for that or nah!

🌸 VIP Access (Patreon)

VIP access is a little privilege I give for two Patreon supporters. Once in two months, those who have VIP access may request a commission (worth 200 $USD or less) that’ll be finished withing 2 months regardless of my current queue situation. Those are non-cumulative and the recipient still needs to pay the commission fully, as the name states, it gives you an easier access to my commissions, and not a drawing itself. If recipient can’t or don’t wish to buy a drawing in a certain bi-moth period, they’ll receive a surprise small compensation.

VIP access costs 15 $USD per month (total of 30 $USD per access) and is avaliable for only two supporters. Please check out my Patreon page to see if there’s avaliable slots.

I can’t thank you enough for the interest on my art! It’s thanks to everyone’s support I’m being able to live on my dream of making out a life from drawing cute animals. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask me through message on my social networks or e-mail me at . I may be a bit busy so please give me up to one week to reply, but I’ll surely return your message! ♥

– cheers, stay kawaii –