Yes, you can read about it here!
Sometimes, please ask me in a private way (e-mails, notes, etc) about it. Show examples of your artwork and let me know what you expect from me. I do judge art quality, please don't get upset if I refuse. I may accept drawing x drawing or multiple drawings x craft/plushies.
Due to personal reasons I feel unstable about it and I can’t do them in a professional way. I’m sorry about it. Anyway, I don’t mind doing R-13 content, sensual but not explicit, as a pin up, example here.
I actually do! You can read it here for now, I'll move that article to my site sometime.
Please check my tutorials here! Even if it's outdated I probably still have some of it techinic on my current drawings. I'll be doing more when I have the time.
Softwares are Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Easy Paint Tool SAI 2. I use a Wacom BAMBOO Pen tablet, a Wacom Intuos Pen and an optical mouse of unknow brand. Sometimes I sketch my drawings on paper with a Mechanical Pencil 0.7 and then scan it.