Commissions will open at 28/May – INFO

It’s finally that time again… a new commission season will open soon!

Here are my general TOS and prices:
(it have been updated so please give a look /nods )

Commissions will open at 28/May (Saturday) at 8AM-BRT and close at 29/May (Sunday) at 8AM-BRT, a time-frame of 24hours. Anyone who submit a valid commission request will have a slot. It’s limited as 1 (one) drawing per person, unless I get less than 3 interested persons.

✩ You’ll pay only when I’m at your slot.
✩ If you change your mind while waiting, feel free to let me know. I won’t feel offended.
✩ The order of the slots won’t be first come first serve.
✩ SURPRISE commissions will be done first while I’m still working on the few leftovers from last season.

★ What makes my commission request valid?
It must fit under my Terms of Service; have the correct Key Word and be something I have skills/conditions to do. (example: a detailed commission put under a short deadline will be declined)
★ What is this “key word” thing?
It’s like a password. A proof that you have read my information before submit your request and that agree with my conditions. You can find it at the T.O.S. if you properly read it.
★ Why one drawing per person?
In order to make things flow faster. I want to see how much this limit changes the season-lifetime and hopefully don’t need to appel to first-serve-first-come.

Feel free to send a private message if you want quotes, I’ll be giving quotes during the week.
you can also contact me by if you prefer.
You may notice the request form is closed by now, it’ll be open when commission are open.

I hope it covers everything ! Feel free to ask if you have any questions,

– cheers, stay kawaii