Commissions will open at 27/JAN – INFO

Yay! It’s finally time for a new season of commissions!~

As always, I have updated some stuff in order to (hopefully) make this experience better for everyone ♥

  • Info and Prices:
  • Opening: 27/JAN (Friday) arround 11PM-BRST
  • Closing: 29/JAN (Sunday) arround 11PM-BRST
  • 1 drawing per slot. Quantity of slots per person up to be decided.
  • I’ll start working on these on FEB.
  • I’ll start with 2 or 3 drawings. Everything else will be put on a waiting list.
  • You pay only when I’m at your slot.
  • If you change your mind while waiting, feel free to let me know. I won’t feel offended.
  • The order of the slots won’t be first come first serve.

I’ll be accepting almost any valid request sent during this time-frame of 48hours.

I’m not sure about how many slots per person I’ll allow so feel free to apply for more than one if you feel like, but you need to fill a new form to each new slot you want. The amout of slots each person will get is based on the complexity of what they want, for example, 2 BASIC drawings still takes less time than 1 ANIME SCENE drawing, so I probably will accept to sells multiple BASIC drawings for one person but not multiple ANIME SCENEs… makes sense?

Feel free to send a private message if you want quotes, I’ll be giving quotes during the week.
you can also contact me by if you prefer.
You may notice the request form is closed by now, it’ll be open when commission are open.

I hope it covers everything ! Feel free to ask if you have any questions,

– cheers, stay kawaii