Commissions are CLOSED

update 29/JAN/2017

…aaaand commissions are now officially CLOSED !!
thanks everyone who submited a form <3 I’ve got a total of 30 submissions that I’ll be reading and pricing carefully! Expect to receive a message on the next 48hours, I’ll make a new journal once confirmation messages have been sent and my new queue updated! Have a greeeeaaat week ♥

Hiii!! Commissions are finally open!! Just send a valid commission request on this timeframe of 48 hours and you’ll (mostly like) get a slot!
Opening: 27/JAN (Friday) around 11PM-BRST
Closing: 29/JAN (Sunday) around 11PM-BRST


Before anything, be sure you have read my TERMS AND CONDITIONS and also checked my PRICE CHART:

In order to request a commission, please fill the form linked bellow
for worldwide customers (in english):
for brazilian customers (em português):
You may get up to 2 pictures, but at least one must be a “surprise” drawing.

Please notice that you need to fill the form even if we already negotiated it on the past days. Requests sent by any other ways than those forms won’t be valid and will be ignored. One drawing per form, if you want two, please fill two forms.

I won’t contact you until commissions are closed. Once they are closed I’ll check, review and organize all requests I got. At day 30 and 31 of JAN, I’ll send a message to people by their preferred way of contact with the price of their drawing + their position on the queue. Please reply to said message in order to confirm your slot. The order of the slots aren’t first come first serve, they are listed in a way to make stuff faster.
I’ll start working on the drawings on FEB, with around 3 drawings. Everything else will be put on a public waiting list that you may check here: . Waiting lists are usually BIG AND LONG, If you change your mind while waiting, feel free to let me know, I won’t feel offended. Finally, you pay only when I’m at your slot.

I believe it covers everything! Feel free to ask if you have any questions.
You may still ask for quotes if you didn’t on the past days, but since weekend are my free days (and I really need some good rest right now) I may not reply in time for this opening.

– cheers, stay kawaii