confirmation messages have been sent!!

Hiiiii /lies down and roll on the floor/

this is so far the biggest commission season, I think… // w \\
I can’t put in words how honored I’m in receive that much support and such lovely drawing ideas! Sadly this also means I’ll take a while to reach some slots, but hopefully it’ll be worth the wait!

Today I have sent messages to everyone who submited a valid form.
Even though I made a pre-made text, I personally edited each one of the messages so hopefully I didn’t messed up anything /sobs/ if something seems off in your message, plz let me know! that’s probably why!! Please reply the message I sent you, so I know if you are ok with the price and your slot position <3 You may check the queue here.

If you didn’t receive a message and you are sure you submited a valid commission request, please let me know ASAP and I’ll re-check the submissions!!
It can’t be helped if the submission isn’t here tho… so don’t try to fool me ; v ;

I’ll start working on the first commission tommorrow morning!! I hope you all will enjoy the drawings to come~

Please notice I’m quite tired n busy, so sorry if I take a while to reply comments, notes or messages. I apologize for it… ยด v `;;;

Ok, I believe it covers everything, thanks for checking!!
– cheers, stay kawaii