Commissions will open at 29/SEP (INFO)

Yeees!~ The opening for next commission season have been decided!
Here is the info to keep on mind if you are interested in getting something~

❤️ I’ll be naming this season OCT-CM for self organization.
Info and Prices:
Opening: 29/SEPTEMBER (Friday) arround 9PM-BRT
Closing: 01/OCTOBER (Sunday) arround 9PM-BRT
✩ BRT timezone online clock:

✩ I’ll start with 2 or 3 drawings. Everything else will be put on a waiting list.
✩ You pay only when I’m at your slot.
✩ If you change your mind while waiting, feel free to let me know. I won’t feel offended.
✩ The order of the slots won’t be first come first serve.

❤️ I’ll be accepting almost any valid request sent during this time-frame of 48hours.

❤️ You may get up to 2 pictures, but at least one must be a “surprise” drawing. Except if you supported any amount /time on Patreon from JAN/2017 to SEP/2017, then your second drawing may be a non-surprise one, it’s my way to say sorry and try to compensate that I’m removing my Patreon Goals since we never was able to reach one.

❤️ Feel free to send me a private message with your drawing idea if you want a quote! I’ll be giving quotes during those two weeks. You may use notes, discord (poochiena#0426) telegram (poochiena), e-mail ( or literally any other way you have to contact me, but those are easier for me to reply.

I hope it covers everything ! Feel free to ask if you have any questions,
thanks for the interest!

– cheers, stay kawaii