Commissions will open at March 1st!!

Everything is ready for next commission opening! Since it have been more than 1year since last time, I went ahead and revamped my CM page, including updated prices and T.O.S., so please give it a read even if you have commissioned me last year. here is the info to keep on mind if you are interested in getting something~

🍰 I’ll be naming this season CM 2019 for self organization.
✩ Info and Prices:
✩ Opening: March 1st (Friday) arround 00:01 AM (BRT)
✩ Closing: March 2nd (Saturday) 00:01 AM (BRT)
✩ BRT timezone online clock:

🍨 When the opening time hits, I’ll make a new update with a form link you need to fill with your drawing idea. I’ll be accepting almost any valid request sent during this time-frame of 24hours.
✩ I’ll choose 2~3 projects to start working right away, if you can’t pay ASAP please you still can submit a request, just please write it down on the form.
✩ Everything else will be put on a working queue/waiting list.
✩ You pay only when I’m at your slot. If you change your mind while waiting, feel free to let me know. I won’t feel offended!
✩ The order of the slots won’t be first come first serve. I’ll then order the requests myself.
✩ One slot per person, since I’m trying to keep openings more frequent.

🍪 VIP supporters on Patreon may also submit a request if you want extra art, it’ll be treated normally like all other CM request I receive and won’t affect your rewards. I’ll be contacting you directly to redeem the VIP commissions when March starts.

🍓 Feel free to send me a private message with your drawing idea if you want a quote! I’ll be giving quotes until February 28th. You may use notes, discord (poochiena#0426) telegram (poochiena), e-mail (contact[at]mr-tiaa[dot]com) or literally any other way you have to contact me, but those are easier for me to reply.

I believe it covers everything, please ask if you have any questions,
thank you very much for the interest and support!!
– cheers, stay kawaii