Problems w Paypal and changes on CM (solved?)

UPDATE 05/April. As much as we’ll only be able to stash BRL, the problem with sending invoice in other currencies was, apparently, as bug! that’s what was reported to us today. I’m still unease about this all tbh, but happy to hear so, so hopefully this will affect everyone less than expected! I’ll keep ya’ll informed. thanks for your time and support~



We was notified that, starting from April 21th, we wouldn’t be able to store any currency other than BRL (Brazillian money) in our account, but from today on, we also aren’t able to send invoices requesting other currencies. we still can receive donations, it’ll be automatically converted in BRL, but requesting payments and sending invoices is limited to BRL.

the reason for this is political stuff, I don’t have knowlodge nor energy to explain,
so moving to where it affects me and my buyers:

> from now on, I’ll need to send invoices in BRL
I believe you can pay it with your USD, it’ll be converted once it reaches me. but please notice that my currency is pretty weak, it’s currently 1USD = 3,86BRL, so you’ll see big numbers in your invoice and since the exchange rate varies daily, you may see some difference on the numbers depending of the time I sent you the invoice, and I deeply apologize for this, you may end up charged a bit more (or a bit less) than the amount previously negotiated.

for someone who works in long-term seasons this is very, very complicated, mainly because our country is currently very unstable politically, so the exchange rates are also very unstanble. this sadly is out of my control in all ways and hopefully you all will understand it (◞ ‸ ◟)/

> looking for paypal alternatives
If you do, please let me know! I’ll give it a look. If you are from Brazil, a brief explanation of how this works is of super big help!

I believe this covers up everything,
again, I’m deeply sorry for all this so sundely… when I finally oppened my new CM season. I’ll be re-working on my TOS on the next days. I’m sorry if I missed any important detail or if my english is worse than normal, my health have been unstanble recently (I have been tweeting about it on my personal twitter). thanks for taking your time to read it, though!

– cheers, stay kawaii