Small changes due to e-mail problem


early this year I started using an e-mail from my own domain,, which felt like super rad!! I have tested it multiple times and it apparently have been working well, but recently it seems to be having some problems…? it seems it failed to send a message twice (even though it’s on the outbox) since the customer never received it. I wonder if I did something wrong when setting it or so… I’m kinda noob with computing :’3 I’ll be checking it but will stop using it until I am 100% sure it’s working well.

so my e-mail is now, which was the e-mail I used until last year! just a heads up so you all know that if you get an e-mail from this adress, yeap, it’s me!!

as for Patreon’s newsletter, I’ll be posting it on Patreon itself, it’ll just be locked for 1$+ Patron supporters. I used the separated e-mail “” for it, but since I’m not sure if the problem I’m having is due to not knowing how to properly opperate my own e-mail, I won’t be using it anymore so there’s no risk that ppl isn’t getting it due to a fault on my side. so if you are part of the Tea Party tier, please just remember to either turn on Patreon notifs or to check out my page on the last days of the month for the newsletter regarding next month!

I believe this covers everything, I’m sorry for any confusions this may cause,
thank you so much for your time and understanding! See ya~

– cheers, stay kawaii