Plz read if you plan on commissioning me!

Hi, how have ya’ll been?~
Hope everyone is doing well regardless of the world’s situation :’D

I’m currently working on the last commission of my long and old queue, once it’s complete I’ll be taking a break for the rest of September (the past weeks have been very turbulent here) and resume work in October. However, things will work a bit different than they used to until now. this post will cover everything so please read it if you are interested on getting art from me!

🎀 How commissions will work
For the rest of 2020 everything will be very experimental and I won’t have a “price list” nor give quotes. I’ll be doing a few commissions monthly and they’ll be sold in one of the following ways:
– Auctions for stuff like sticker packs and pre-posed pictures/YCHs.
– Flat Sales for simpler stuff (i.e. cell-shaded fullbody w/out bg, icons) in a first come first served basis.
– Offers for specific, more complex stuff (i.e. full scenes, full rendered) in which you’ll send me a form with your drawing idea and how much money you are offering and I’ll choose one or two ideas to work on.
Whenever any of these are open I’ll make a new post on twitter or/and furaffinity, so plz consider following me on these sites.

I have moved my Terms of Service for a new page, it’s currently being revised but you can check it here already: the revision is mostly for spelling check. Each sale will have its specific info, but my T.O.S. will work for them all.

An e-mail will be sent to everyone on the lurking list about the updates explained on this post, then the lurking list will be disbanded and removed from my site because it’s pretty outdated and I’ve been having technical issues with it. Lurking list will be unavailable until further notice.

I may extend this “experimental” period depending on how it goes. Whenever I decide something I’ll post a new update.

🎀 Reasons
I believe that handling commissions this way will help me to have a better control of it and adjust my prices and working scheldule.

The way I’ve been taking commissions until now (making a big opening, accepting everyone who submits a form within a time period) worked for some years, but after the last opening I can’t keep taking them like this anymore, it proved to be exhausting and unprofitable to me. As much as I want to do things the better way for my customers, I can’t do it in a way that’s no good for me at all.

I’m hoping to find out a new way to take commissions that works well for both me and my customers, so that’s why I’ll be trying lots of different things.
I hope this is understandable, and that you all will keep cheering for me throughout this!

🎀 Exceptions
Regardless of how commissions will be held for general public, Patreon rewards will still be done normally. I’m also still open for business inquiries, in case you are interested in getting my art for commercial uses (for business inquiries please contact me at ).

While my prices are being readjusted, these commissions will be priced in a case by case basis. Once the new price list is set (probably around January 2021), Patreon supporters from the ✩VIP✩ tier will be notified. Until then, I appreciate your collaboration and trust.

I believe this covers everything, if you have any questions please let me know and I’ll try to reply ASAP.
Thank you so much for your constant support and interest in my art!

– cheers, stay kawaii