Soft Break and News

Happy New Year, everyone~!!

Thank you for staying with me and supporting my art through this (turbulent) year, I’ll continue doing my best and bringing more art and interesting stuff on this new year so hopefully you’ll enjoy, please treat me well for this year too! May 2021 be a better year than 2020 🙏

Now, about 2021…
I will be on a “soft break” during January, in other words, I’ll work only on Patreon rewards and a commissions that was already booked for this month; I may or may not extend this soft break to February as well, depending on how things goes.

There are three main things I plan to do during that time:

✩ Create a site for Memory Keepers – an ARPG and closed species project by me and shiroganeRyo . We’ve been having more and more problems with the deviantART platform so we decided it’s important to have the project hosted on it’s own site. We’re still looking into the technical part of it.
✩ Update my commission info with new examples, prices and instructions, maybe a new site layout. not all prices are set yet but I’d like to have everything ready so I can simply add the missing prices when they are decided.
✩ Create artwork for merchandise. Yes, merchandise!! I’ve been researching some local factories and I’ll try creating some merch and set a personal shop. Shipping from Brazil is expensive so idk if this will work out, but I’ll give it a try! I hope to have all (or at least mostly) of the merch art ready ASAP, but the shop will only open once I get vaccinated since I can’t go to the post office as things are now.

I’ll bring more details about each one of these when it’s the proper time. This journal is just a little summary.

ofc, I’d also love to chill a bit as well and draw personal art and play… ( ꈍ v ꈍ )❀
anyway, that’s it I think. I hope you all are doing well. let’s make 2021 a great year~!!

– cheers, stay kawaii