Big Commission and Patreon updates!

Hi, fellas~

As the title says, I’m making a big update on how my Commissions and Patreon work! I’ve been working on this update behind the curtains for quite a while and I’m happy to finally make it public. It’s quite important if you are interested in getting art from me, so please take your time to read this post carefully.

About Commissions

I updated all my commission information, including prices and terms of service. If you are interested in a commission, it would be a good idea to give it a look. To make things easier for you, here are the links to:

Please notice that all these may change without prior notice! But I hope to keep them like this for a while.

From now on, commission openings will happen mainly through my private Discord server. Openings for the general public will happen with less frequency, through Twitter and Furaffinity, and I will try to switch in between the two sites to give a better chance for followers and watchers.

To avoid stress for both me and my customers, a waitlist isn’t available nor I do pings. The closest thing I have of a “lurking list” is my Discord server, which brings us to the next topic: Patreon!

About Patreon

First, you can access my Patreon page here! Continuing…

I’m revamping my Patreon Tiers. From now on, there will be only two tiers:

  • “🎀 Casual Supporter 🎀”, which is basically the “tip jar” tier. No rewards are offered and you are allowed to donate any amount you’d like, starting at $1 USD. Simply donate if you feel like supporting my work!
  • “💌 Tea Part Invitee 💌”, which offers access to my private Discord server, “Mr. Tiaa’s Tea Party”. To join you need to donate at least $3 USD, but you are allowed to donate more if you are feeling generous! 

The “spotlight” of Patreon will now be my Discord server. There I will be posting drawing WIPs, doodles, and exclusive commission sales! By clicking this link you can find more information about the server, its channels, and how they work. Please read through it carefully to avoid any confusion!

The old tiers were very helpful and I’m genuinely grateful for those who supported my work through the past years! But as my follower number keeps increasing (which I’m also grateful for), I’d like to give a better chance to different people to get art from me, while still offering some sort of compensation for those who can financially support me. It would also be good if I could have more control of what I’d be drawing each month, to better organize myself. That’s where the idea of the Discord server came from!

As for the drawing LOGs, these will still be uploaded on my Patreon page for the general public, free of charge. That’s a good way for me to keep active storage of my art, so why not~

Please notice that, if you’d like to join the new tier, you need to manually move your pledge to it on my Patreon’s page, even if you already donate $3 or more. As for the old tiers that offer rewards, I will still be doing the rewards for the old tiers this month, as the payment for these is being processed right now. 

Anyway, the new tiers are already live and the Discord server working, so please consider joining it~


I put a lot of thought and a lot of work into these updates before making them live. I understand that the raise in commission prices and the creation of the Discord server may be a turndown for some, but I ask you to please understand my side as well. I’m trying to make it as accessible as I can by keeping the subscription price as low as $3 USD and still offering access to my artwork files for free.

As I’ve been saying during my past updates, I’m working hard on the Memory Keepers (an ARPG and Closed Species project by me and my spouse) site, and I also started working on my online store as well, so I will have more exciting news coming soon!

Thank you so much for reading through it all, I hope you are as excited for the news as I am! And thank you once again for support my work and making it all possible. If have any questions, feel free to ask me and I will try to reply as soon as possible.

Stay safe and take care, everyone~

– cheers, stay kawaii