2023 News and Updates

Happy New Year, everyone~!! 🐰🎉

I hope everyone had a great New Year’s Eve! I’ve been resting a bit so this post is one day late, but no biggie. I got some news for 2023, so I’ll be sharing my plans with you here~

🌸 Branching out

Not exactly news, but making a better announcement about it. I’ve been very unhappy with Twitter lately, and it’s not very smart to rely on a single site, especially because Furaffinity is quite unstable. 

So I created a 📰Telegram Channel and a 🦣Mastodon account! Telegram is good because you get real-time notifications on your phone, while Mastodon is very similar to Twitter. If there are leftover sales from Patreon, I will announce it there as well, so please consider following~

(No worries, I don’t plan to leave FA at all! But I’m hoping to find an alternative for Twitter)

🌸 Drawing Tutorial

I set a Patreon Goal that, if I can reach $200 per month on Patreon (it’s currently at $142/month) I will do a tutorial on how I make Scenic Drawings (cell-shading).

The tutorial will be in text format (English and Brazilian Portuguese) with pictures. I will guide you through how I do things and link you to some art theories I find helpful.

Once it’s complete (please give me up to 3 months to finish it), it will be available for everyone in a “pay what you want” (including nothing) deal. Patrons will receive early access.

🌸 Mini Cheebs YCH

I’m opening a Mini Cheeb YCH for $20 each! You can check how they look here:

They will be open during the year (unlimited slots), and I’ll be slowly working on these in parallel to other commissions.

They are available for purchase on my Private Discord server, so they are exclusive for Patrons. You may join by supporting me with at least $3/month on Patreon! This will give you access to some other cool perks as well, more info here: https://www.mr-tiaa.com/join-the-tea-party/

🌸 Commission Info Update

This was (probably) expected, but since we are starting a new year made some updates on my commissions. Here’s a list of what changed.

▫️ The price of some items raised by $5.

▫️ “Simple Scenes” and “Detailed Scenes” merged into “🍧Cell Shading Scenes”. I noticed these items were very confusing to buyers, as they are the same kind of art, just with a different amount of details that probably just make sense in my head. So I merged them for easy understanding. (anyone who was in the lurking list for either “Simple Scenes” or/and “Detailed Scenes” got the new role for “🍧Cell Shading Scenes” already)

▫️ Updated T.O.S. to add an item about AI. Using my art (even if you commissioned it) to feed AI is prohibited and may result in blacklisting.

I believe it covers everything! Feel free to message me if you got any questions.

Thank you so much for supporting my art during 2022, it means a lot and helps me to keep going. I hope you’ll continue enjoying my art in 2023 as well. Thank you once again!! 💖🐾

– cheers, stay kawaii

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