Welcome to the Tea Party~

Would you like to take a seat? ☕

“Mr. Tiaa’s Tea Party” is a private Discord server available for those who support me, financially, through Patreon. In the Discord server, I will be posting drawing WIPs, doodles, and commission sales!

Support me with $3 USD -or more, if you are feeling generous- per month to receive full access to all of the benefits!

Please read through this page carefully before joining!

📜 Rules and Guidelines

  • The server rating is PG-13, but you must be 18+ to join.
  • Be respectful towards other members.
  • Do not share any files posted on the server outside it.
  • You are allowed to claim commissions for friends outside the server, but you will be the one responsible to claim the slots and communicate with me through the whole commission process.
  • Failing to follow any of these guidelines will result in a warning, insisting on it will get you banned.
  • Customers who have been blacklisted aren’t allowed to join. Those known for LGBTQIAfobia, zoophilia, racism, sexism, ableism, or any other kind of prejudicial ideology, aren’t allowed to join as well.

📝 Things to Take Note

  • Joining the server does NOT guarantee you a commission slot. You still need to claim a slot during a sale opening or wait for your turn in the waiting list to order something. Check the “Channels” section for more info.
  • The server exists so that I can easily share my artwork and give priority access to commissions for those who support me. The server is NOT for conversations, please do not join it if you are just looking for chatting.
  • The server will be updated according to my own pace, there is no guaranteed number of updates per month. I keep an organized working schedule, but I won’t force myself to create only to update the server. Please expect silence for weeks during my vacations.

🗃️ Channels Explained

  • # rules: The same rules listed above.
  • # arrivals: Mute this channel so you won’t be notified every time someone joins the Server.
  • # news-updates: Self-explanatory.
    • # guests-list: Share a bit about yourself.
    • # roles: Get roles based on the type of artwork you are interested in getting and you’ll be pinged whenever I’m open for this kind of commission.
    • # polls: If I want to interest check or get opinions about something, I will create a poll here so that you can vote!
    • # help-questions: If you have any questions or need help, let me know here.
    • # wip: Previews of pictures I’m currently working on.
    • # finished-pieces: Complete artworks will be posted here, sometimes a few days before I post them to the public.
    • # sketchbook: Sketches, doodles, and other simple artwork I don’t plan to finalize.
    • # traditional: Anything traditional goes here, from sculpture to pencil drawings.
    • # memory-keepers: Anything related to the Memory Keepers project goes here.
    • # resources: I’m sharing resources of stuff I use on my drawings here! Please notice I’m not responsible for off-server links nor am I sponsored by any of these, I’m just sharing them because I think they are neat.
    • # fixed-sales: Sales from this channel will be open for a long time and have unlimited slots.
    • # flat-sales: First come / first served commissions sold at a flat price.
    • # pre-claims: Auction previews, Patrons will have the chance to auto-buy it for a slightly lower price before it goes live to the general public.
    • # up-for-offers: Forms stay open for some time and buyers submit their ideas + money offers, I will pick the ones that get my attention the most.
    • # waiting-list: Leave a comment here to join the waiting list. All commission types are available through waiting list and you’ll pay only when I reach your comment/slot.

🔰 F.A.Q.

Is supporting through Patreon the only way to get a commission?

Openings for the general public will happen when there are slots left from the Discord sales or in form of auctions.

When you’ll be open for a specific type of commission?

There’s no set date for commission openings, sorry! If you can’t wait for an opening, please check the “Items and Price” page, scroll down to “Fees and Discounts” and read the “Out of queue / Long term commission” item.

If I decide to join, when will Patreon charge me?

You are charged at the moment you confirm your support through Patreon and then at every 1st day of a new month. I recommend you to join during the first half of a month to avoid being “double charged”.

I subscribed through Patreon, what now?

You must have your Discord account linked to your Patreon account, then, join the server by clicking here. If you don’t automatically receive the “Patron” role, which will give you access to all the channels listed above, then please contact me through e-mail: mr.tiaa@outlook.com

I don’t use Patreon, is there another way to join the server?/ I don’t use Discord, is there another way to retrieve the benefits?

No, sorry! You need to use both Patreon and Discord to fully enjoy the benefits.

I can’t support you at the moment, is that okay to unsubscribe and then re-join in the future? What happens to my slot on the waiting list?

If you remove your pledge on Patreon your “Patron” role (which gives you access to the channels) in Discord will be automatically removed. When you re-join it will be assigned to you again. Leaving the server won’t delete your comment in the waiting list BUT you must be in the server (be a Patreon Supporter) when I reach your comment/slot, or it will be voided. If you need to leave but want to keep your spot, please keep your place in the list in the mind.

Why someone must be 18 years old to join if the server is rated PG-13?

To join the server you must support me through Patreon, which requires you to be an adult. Also, a lot of the server is dedicated to commission work and, due to negative past experience, I don’t sell commission for minors. Sorry!

Why conversations aren’t allowed on the server?

I have a bad time dealing with social interactions and feel uncomfortable with chit-chat in general. It’s very energy-consuming for me and I’d rather use this energy to create art. If you want to understand my situation better please read about AvPD.