Interested in commissioning me? That’s super neat!!

In this page you’ll find some useful info and general guidelines of how to get yourself some custom made art, so please read through it carefully~!!

Getting a commission slot 📝

Commissions openings happen through twitter or furaffinity!

Sometimes the openings will be in a “first come, first served” style, sometimes I’ll keep forms open for a while and then pick a few drawing ideas to work on, sometimes there will be auctions. I try to open commissions in different ways and switch in between twitter and furaffinity, so everyone has a better chance to grab something!

To avoid stress for both me and my customers, waitlist isn’t available!

If you keep missing my openings and is really looking for a commission, you can try to bribe me. Feel free to contact me with a drawing idea and money offer. Please notice that I won’t always accept commissions this way, and that I’m expecting a money offer that’s at least the double of my regular price.

If you are looking for a commission for commercial usage, then you don’t need to wait for a opening! If that’s what you are looking for, please read THIS PAGE for more details.

What I will draw ✔️

  • Characters of any species, gender and sexuality. (I’m LGBTQIA+ friendly, as I’m queer myself!)
  • Pet portraits, drawing of your pets.
  • Suggestive but not explicit content, PG13.
  • Artistic Bondage/Shibari.
  • Light gore (i.e. bruises) and candy gore.
  • Mechas/robots, armors and weapons as long as there’s enough (a lot of) visual reference,
  • Food!!

What I won’t draw ❌

  • Characters without a visual reference.
  • Caricatures, drawing of real people.
  • Pornography, R18, NSFW content.
  • Suggestive content of underage like OR feral characters.
  • Fetish specialty artwork. (unless its subtle enough that most people won’t be able to tell it’s a fetish)
  • Extreme, realistic gore.
  • Anything of hateful, offensive OR controversial nature.

What you have on mind isn’t listed here? Ask me!
Please understand that I reserve the right to decline any commission request I feel like I don’t have enough skills to do, if I don’t feel comfortable with your idea in general OR if you have a bad reputation as a buyer.

Art Revisions

  • The amount of WIPs (“Work In Progress” preview) and revisions I offer vary according with the art style you chose, as stated in “Items and Prices”.
  • Mostly art styles come with WIP and revisions for the Sketch and Base Colors steps.
  • For each step, I will show you a WIP and you can ask for up to 2 (two) revisions for free.
  • Additional revisions will be charged extra depending on the complexity of the edit.
  • Revisions aren’t possible once the drawing is complete.

Sketch (WIP)

The sketch of your commission. Please pay attention to the design, pose and expression of your character, these can only be edited during this step!

Background work is very rough here and I usually don’t draw markings.

Base Colors (WIP)

The lines and the base colors of your commission are done. Please pay attention to the colors and markings of your characters, these can only be edited during this step!

Background has colors and shapes on it but still can go through minor changes.

Complete Artwork

The artwork is complete. No more edits are allowed, so be sure you requested for they during the previous steps!

Please notice that due to lighting and shading, the colors of your characters may look different. This can’t be helped!