Commission openings happen through Discord!

Openings for the general public will happen ONLY when there are slots left from the Discord sales. These will happen through Twitter and Furaffinity.

To avoid stress for both me and my customers, a waitlist isn’t available nor I do pings!

If you want to hire me for commercial work, then you don’t need to wait for an opening. Please contact me to discuss the details.

What I will draw ✔️

  • Characters of any species, gender and sexuality. (I’m LGBTQIA+ friendly, as I’m queer myself!)
  • Pet portraits, drawing of your pets.
  • Suggestive but not explicit content, PG13.
  • Artistic Bondage/Shibari.
  • Light gore (i.e. bruises) and candy gore.
  • Mechas/robots, armors and weapons as long as there’s enough (a lot of) visual reference,
  • Food!!

What I won’t draw ❌

  • Characters without a visual reference.
  • Caricatures, drawing of real people.
  • Pornography, R18, NSFW content.
  • Suggestive content of underage like OR feral characters.
  • Fetish specialty artwork. (unless its subtle enough that most people won’t be able to tell it’s a fetish)
  • Extreme, realistic gore.
  • Anything of hateful, offensive OR controversial nature.