Commission openings happen mainly through Discord!

Openings for the general public will happen with less frequency, through Twitter and Furaffinity, and I will try to switch in between the two sites to give a better chance for followers and watchers. Sometimes the openings will be in a “first come, first served” style, sometimes I’ll keep forms open for a while and then pick a few drawing ideas to work on, sometimes there will be auctions.

To avoid stress for both me and my customers, a waitlist isn’t available nor I do pings!

If you want to hire me for commercial work, then you don’t need to wait for an opening. Please contact me to discuss the details.

What I will draw ✔️

  • Characters of any species, gender and sexuality. (I’m LGBTQIA+ friendly, as I’m queer myself!)
  • Pet portraits, drawing of your pets.
  • Suggestive but not explicit content, PG13.
  • Artistic Bondage/Shibari.
  • Light gore (i.e. bruises) and candy gore.
  • Mechas/robots, armors and weapons as long as there’s enough (a lot of) visual reference,
  • Food!!

What I won’t draw ❌

  • Characters without a visual reference.
  • Caricatures, drawing of real people.
  • Pornography, R18, NSFW content.
  • Suggestive content of underage like OR feral characters.
  • Fetish specialty artwork. (unless its subtle enough that most people won’t be able to tell it’s a fetish)
  • Extreme, realistic gore.
  • Anything of hateful, offensive OR controversial nature.