🌸 Are you open for commissions?
Commissions are currently closed indefinitely and will be revamped before a new opening!

🌸 Do you take art trades?
Sometimes I do! Please ask me directly and tell me what you’d like me to draw. I’m very picky and I’ll take your drawing skills into consideration, please don’t be upset if I turn down your offer.

🌸 Do you take requests?
No, sorry!

🌸 Could you help me to promote my work?
I only promote close friends.

🌸 Can I repost/share your art somewhere?
Reposting on facebook, tumblr and similars are okay as long as you give me proper credit and don’t put watermarks on it. Please don’t repost on furaffinity, deviantART or twitter, unless it was a drawing made specifically for you. Please don’t repost/share my PSD files or any other exclusive content.

🌸 I saw someone misusing your art, what should I do?
Please contact me! You can either note me in one of my art accounts or e-mail me at mr.tiaa@outlook.com. If you can, please report it directly to the platform where you saw it being misused as well.

🌸 Was Chuvareu (webcomic) discontinued?
Yes, you can read a full explanation about it here.

🌸 Why did you stopped drawing R18/NSFW?
I received many creepy and disrespectful comments on past thanks to my R18/NSFW art, but because I didn’t have a big public back then and it was what sold the most, I used to draw it for money. I have a bigger and better public now, so I gladly don’t need to rely on it for earning money anymore! I’m happier being a safe/PG13 artist.

🌸 Can I edit/recolor/trace your work if I credit you for the original art?
Please don’t! I don’t allow edits, recolors nor traces of my work (this includes both final artworks and PSD files). Please respect my art and those who bought something from me.

🌸 What art programs and tools do you use?
I mostly use Paint Tool SAI2 (general drawing) and Adobe Photoshop (final touches) with a Wacom Intuos S Tablet and an optical mouse. For simpler drawings I’ll sometimes use MediBang and Procreate on an iPad with Apple Pencil.