Terms of Service

By buying a personal commission from me you agree with the following terms:


  1. All payments are made through Paypal invoice.
  2. Payment plans are available for orders over 220$USD, otherwise full payment is required before I start working on your commission.
  3. No refunds, all sales are final. Please don’t buy something if you aren’t sure you want it.
  4. Tips are highly appreciated but totally optional.


  1. Listed price is in USD and for non-commercial/non-profit drawings. If you’d like to get a picture for commercial use please contact me.
  2. I offer a discount of 10% over final price for “SURPRISE” drawings. If you choose this option you won’t recieve any WIP nor will be allowed to request changes.
  3. I charge a fee of 25% over final price for “PRIVATE” drawings. If you choose to have a “PRIVATE” drawing I’ll send it just for you by e-mail or private link. I won’t use your picture to promote myself nor share it in any of my pages. I don’t keep files of “PRIVATE” commissions for longer than one year, so please save it.
  4. You may request up to two (2) free changes during the Sketch and Base Colors steps. Any extra change will cost an additional of 5$USD per edit.


  1. All final drawings are saved as PNG, 72 dpi in RGB color mode. Resolution varies according with drawing style as listed on ITEMS AND PRICE.
  2. Unless you pay for a background, all drawings come with a transparent background and a solid color background.
  3. If you need any different specification, please let me know beforehand. Different specifications may alter the price.


  1. You are paying for digital goods, nothing will be shipped.
  2. You will receive the final drawing or an access link for it through the contact way you put on the request form. The “open file” (PSD or SAI2) will be available for public download on my Patreon page later (except for “PRIVATE” drawings).
  3. You keep all the rights over your characters and credits will always be given for you as their owner.
  4. You are allowed to use the drawing you receive how and where you want, as long as you: don’t remove my signature, don’t make profit over it nor use the drawing for negative/offensive means.
  5. You’ll do your best to reply in a timely manner.
  6. You trust in my artistic abilities and in my judging regarding artistic choices.
  7. Be sure to save your files. I keep a backup of mostly of my commission works on my Patreon for free download so you very likely can re-donwload it there if you lose the files, but just in case.


  1. I have the right to decline your request if I don’t feel comfortable with it or if you have a bad reputation as a buyer. I won’t draw any kind of offensive, hateful nor pornographic theme. Understand “pornographic” as the explicit exhibition of genitals and the act of sex itself.
  2. I don’t offer edit to past commissions nor will I finish the work of other artists.
  3. I keep all rights over the drawings I make and I may use them to promote myself, including but not limited to post it and its files in portfolios, online galleries, etc. Doesn’t apply for “PRIVATE” drawings as explained on item 2.3.
  4. If permission is given on request form, I have the right to create and sell prints of the drawing made for you on online stores and local cons, keeping the extra profits for myself.
  5. I may slightly alter the colors of your character to make it better fit my style. If there’s a SCENE BACKGROUND colors may vary a lot based on lightning and other environmental interferences. I don’t accept working with pre-selected shades for non-commercial drawings.
  6. I won’t work based on descriptions, I need a visual reference of the character I’m drawing. It doesn’t need to be a refined reference, a sketch with colors will do.