Terms of Service

By purchasing a personal commission from me, you agree to the following terms.

Failure to comply with them may result in being blacklisted from commissions and banned from the Discord server.

1. Payment

  1. Payments from international customers are made through Stripe (preferred) or PayPal invoices.
  2. Payments from customers from Brazil are made through PIX or bank deposit.
  3. Payment plans are available for orders over $200 USD, otherwise, full payment is required before I start working on your commission.
  4. Tips may be sent through Ko-Fi. They are highly appreciated but optional.

2. Refund Policy

  1. Refunds are not applicable if the client is unsatisfied with the finished piece.
  2. Refunds are only accepted in two situations:
    1. It has passed over 6 months since you fully paid me and I couldn’t finish your picture due to unforeseen circumstances. I will give you a full refund since it was my fault.
    2. You are being rude, disrespectful, or generally bothersome. I will give you a partial refund based on how much of your picture I’ve completed and blacklist you, so you won’t be able to commission me again in the future.

3. Drawing Specs

  1. All my artworks are raster images drawn in 300 DPI, with RGB colors, saved in PNG format.
  2. Resolution varies according to the drawing style, as listed in “Items and Price”.
  3. For a specific resolution, DPI, or color channel, please let me know beforehand. Different specs may increase the final price.

4. Art Revisions

  1. The number of WIPs (“Work In Progress” preview) and edits I offer vary according to the art style you chose, as stated in “Items and Prices”.
  2. For each step, I will show you a WIP and you can ask for up to 2 (two) edits for free.
    1. Sketch (WIP): Background work is very rough here and I usually don’t sketch markings. Please pay attention to the composition, design, pose, and expression of your character, these can only be edited during this step.
    2. Base Colors (WIP): The lines and the base colors of your commission are done. The background has colors and shapes on it but still can go through minor changes. Please pay attention to the colors and markings of your characters, these can only be edited during this step.
  3. Additional edits will be charged extra depending on the complexity of the edit. The price per extra edit starts at $5.
  4. Edits aren’t possible once the drawing is complete.

5. You as the buyer

  1. You must be 18 years old or older to commission me.
  2. You are paying for digital goods, nothing will be shipped.
  3. You will receive the full-resolution PNG file of your purchased drawing via Discord or your preferred method of contact. PSD files are available upon request.
  4. You keep all the rights over your characters and credits will always be given to you as their owner.
  5. You are allowed to use the drawing you receive how and where you want, as long as you:
    1. Don’t remove my signature.
    2. Don’t make a profit over it.
    3. Don’t use artificial intelligence to edit or learn with it.
    4. Don’t use the drawing for negative, offensive means.
  6. Please make sure to save all the files that I have sent to you. I don’t keep old files that are of no use to me. Therefore, if you ask me for the files of a past commission, there is a high chance that I won’t have them anymore.
  7. Please respond within three days. If no reply, I’ll try to contact you again. If no response in one month, I’ll continue working without allowing further edits.

6. Me as the seller

  1. I have the right to decline your commission request if I don’t feel comfortable working on it or if you have a bad reputation as a buyer.
  2. I won’t continue or finish the work of other artists.
  3. I keep all rights over the drawings I make. I may use them to promote myself, including but not limited to posting them and their files in portfolios, online galleries, and similar. If you want to keep your commission private and don’t want me to share it anywhere, please let me know beforehand, there will be a fee of 25%.
  4. If permission is given, I may create and sell prints of the drawing made for you on online stores and local cons, keeping the extra profits for myself.
  5. I may make slight color adjustments to your character to better fit my artistic style. If your drawing is in the “Scenic Illustration” style, the colors may vary significantly based on lighting and other environmental factors. Please note that I do not accept pre-selected shades for non-commercial drawings.
  6. I won’t work based on descriptions, I need a visual reference of the character I’m drawing. It doesn’t need to be a refined reference, a sketch with colors will do.